Royal Enfield Motorcycle, photographed by Renjith Sasidharan


What is GoLuquillo?

GoLuquillo is a community based website with the purpose of promoting the town of Luquillo and it's riches for the people in the digital world.

What content can i find in GoLuquillo?

From small business promotions to awesome pictures from our town and info, We at GoLuquillo like to post the best features of our town, so whenever you are around you would know exactly where to visit and buy.

How often do we update our info?

Information for us is vital, we like to post and promote anything of real entertainment or value. We do not exclude anything or no one, but we do post whatever essential information we might have at the time.

I would like to post my business information,flyers and events to GoLuquillo, what can i do?

Given the fact that we are a business promotion website, we would be more than glad to post information reguarding you're business especially if it's within the Luquillo area or it's brother towns. To contact us please visit the contact link above or write us an email to with a subject and the information you want us to know.